Here are some of the questions our guests often ask… 

Can I stick body parts out the window?


What if I have to pee while on the bus?

There is NO bathroom on the bus! It is not legal for us to stop along the side of the road to allow people to pee. We will give you plenty of time to take care of your needs before re-boarding the bus for the return trip. When it is safe to legally do so, we will find facilities.

Can I mail you a check after the party?

No. Credit cards or cash will be accepted for the balance of the cost at the time of pick-up. 

Can I pay in full?

Payment in full at the time of reservation is welcome. If payment in full is not an option, a deposit of $150 is necessary to reserve your date.

Does the Party Bus have a dress code?


Is food allowed on the Party Bus?

Food is allowed on the Party Bus. Portable grills are NOT allowed on the Party Bus.

Just remember: the more coolers and items you bring, the less room there is for people!

Can we leave personal belongings on the bus?

Yes, you can leave your personal belongings on the bus if you want. The bus is never left unattended, with either the driver or the owner always watching your belongings.

Does the Party Bus have an age limit?

If alcohol is present, we expect everyone who is riding the Party Bus to be 21, unless it is a family function.

Can underage people drink on the Party Bus?


Is the Bus cleaned between parties?

Yes, the Bus is cleaned and disinfected between parties. 

Do you provide music for the party?

No, we do not provide music, but we do have jacks and cables available to sync the music from your devices.

Do you have disco lights?

Yes, we have disco lights and lighting to light up the party bus.

Is there a pole in the back of the Party Bus?

Yes, there is a pole in the back of the Party Bus.

Branch Amos
Very fair prices. The owner is very easy to work with and is lenient on time and scheduling. Have used them time and time again and will continue to use them. The drivers are safe and easy to work with as well, the bus has everything you need to enjoy a non-stop party on your night out.
Shae Herwehe
I've been on the party bus multiple times and each time has been an absolute blast! Clean bus with plenty of seating and a very good sound system! The owner/management is extremely professional and very friendly which makes it that much easier to have an awesome time!
Don Gibson
10 out of 10—would ride again. Driver was courteous, owner was great, and had no problem going where we wanted. She also kept the bus clean and tidy when we were off the bus, they had no problem with our music and overall had a great time.
Jenna Fields
The party bus is great!! The drivers are very nice and are willing to go to any destination you please. The bus is always clean and ready for adventure!!! Any type of music you want is at your fingertips. If I had to rate it, it would be a 10 😃
Steve Uitermarkt
My experience on the Red Rock Party Bus was a complete joy...they showed up on time, were friendly and accommodating to our party. The bus was clean and reliable to all of our stops. I would recommend using them to anyone looking for a fun and affordable way to party in style. I would definitely go again!!

Why Choose Red Rock Party Bus?

Whether for prom, weddings, concerts or football games, we've got your back! It's our job getting you there, it's your job to have the fun!

Let us worry about the logistics of parking and trip time. You have the freedom to kick back with your friends, don't worry about the details!